GALERIE DU COLLECTIONNEUR is a private gallery located on Sherbrooke Street, in the heart of Montreal.

This gallery was born from a passion for arts felt by 4 experienced collectors with many years of experience of the market and for the art itself.

The gallery is mostly specialized in works of art of collections, paintings and sculptures which are valued and desired by wise collectors and art lovers. We are offering an impressive collection of works from Canadian Masters with various styles and trends.

All our paintings and sculptures, with no exception, are offered with certificates of authenticity issued by experts or by the most famous Canadian galleries. We give a special attention to where the works are originating and which must be absolutely well documented.

We are the leader in trading (barter) artworks in Quebec. Many of our collectors have traded prestigious artworks that way. Also, we can sell your important paintings by showing them on our website, and all this at a real interesting cost to you.

We take care of everything from packaging, shipping up to customs clearing, if necessary.

All our prices are in Canadian dollars.

J. Roy